The Phone Call – Part 2
September 20, 2013 happened to be one of the day I was in Abuja for a meeting, it happen to be the twenty–eight days after the phone call I made to Cynthia. I picked my phone and it happen to
The Phone Call
It looks like yesterday when I asked Cynthia if we can step up our friendship into a love relationship. Wow one year gone and we are still strong in the relationship. I took it upon myself to share some lessons
Presenting RiFi to the World
The acronym RiFi is pronounced like the popular name in technology industry Wi-Fi. Thought ” If those that make money online illegally #YahooYahoo could teach each other, why can’t we that make legal money online teach each other”. We have
You can be RESPONSIBLE but not COMMITTED. Let me ask you this question – have you ever seen two brothers/sisters that look alike? Have you ever seen an identical twins? Either yes or no.  If you don’t know them very
There was a man called Martin Rinckart, he was given birth to in the year 1586, he was a native of Eilenburg in Saxony in Germany and died in the year 1649. The son of a poor coppersmith. Martin Rinckart
The letter Time is a vital word in this Planet (Earth). So many scholars have defined it and as such, we have so many philosophies on the word “TIME”. Time is one of the thing we cannot do away with